Sources of Assessment Tools


Human Synergistics/Acumen Inc.  Friends and colleagues for many years these people, hands down, have the best, most integrated set of assessment tools that are linked to effective business performance.  These range in scope  from the individual up through the entire enterprise.  They developed the Organizational Cultural Inventory, the most widely used organizational cultural assessment instrument in the world and are widely know for their “Survival” series simulations, including Desert Survival.

The strength of their tools are the well researched link to business performance.  These assessments let clearly indicate what impacts results.

We are pleased to have been selected to teach part of the HSI Advanced Workshop.

Interstrength Associates   (ISA)  We first found Linda Berens and her organization while  researching assessment tools for a Leadership Development program we were developing for a group of scientists and engineers.  They needed a research based approach that was immediately applicable to improving their interactions skills, communications, problem solving and decision making both internally and with their clients.

IISA tools reveal the innate patterns of both Why and How we interact with others to produce results.  These can be examined at both the individual and group levels to develop a plan for more effective behavior.

Larry completed his MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) qualification training with ISA.

also Others Work We Draw Upon