Others Work We Draw Upon

Others’ Work We Draw Upon

We think the fact that we draw on multiple sources is one reason to use us.  We are not tied to proprietary models and tools but are free to choose whichever we determine are best for you, be it assessment tools or models for individual or organizational development.

Knowing where we turn to can be helpful in understanding us and determining if we are a good resource for you.  Here are some of the sources we frequently use that will give you a flavor of our thinking:

The Table Group – Patrick Lencioni has published some very readable books that we think are powerful and don’t overcomplicate some of the core issues facing people in the workplace today.  And who could resist reading, “Death by Meeting”

David Maister and Charlie Green – their book The Trusted Advisor, and Green’s Trust Based Selling are staples for us and reflect our approach to relationship building and sales.

The Gallup Organization – Their contribution in the form of the research that spawned, First Break All the Rules, and then the string of Strengths books have been a source of confirmation and inspiration for us.  The confirmation comes from having research that support the skills we have been teaching for many years, particularly in our Coaching courses.  The inspiration comes from their work on Strengths and how it fits with Linda Berens work on Temperaments and Talents.

Daniel Goleman– staring with Emotional Intelligence, Primal Leadership and his extensive list of articles.  He has led the charge to make neuroscience accessible to the general business world providing a sound scientific basis for much of what we have been teaching and practicing for years.

also Sources of Assessment Tools